July 1, 2014

  • I know, right?

    So, yet again, we’re planning a long vacation. I know that we have been blessed so beyond belief. My nephew S is getting married in OR to a beautiful inside & out young woman, R. They have been doing a cross country courtship and we’ve been so blessed again to see God’s hand in our lives.

    Here’s the skinny. The gals & I will be driving to the wedding. You got it folks, from VA to LA (to drop off my niece who is staying with us in August) to OR and home again. I’ve got a lovely young couple who will be living at my farm for the time we’re gone, so that will be all good.

    So, we’re planning now. Here’s a challenge for ya! We do want to sight see, so drop me a comment and let me know what you think we should not miss. Does your state have the largest ball of twine? Are you famous for the best fruit filled whatsit? Do you have the worlds largest tree around the corner? Be a part of our journey, and get ready to follow along as we trek across the U.S. Tell me what you love about where you live, including the people. Do you have a phrase or lingo that is unique to you? Share with us!

    So, this summer we’re working on school and getting the farm ready for our friends to take care of without too much bother we hope. The Market is still plugging along and we’re grateful for that.
    Looking forward to hosting our niece in August and also we’ve been doing some of our local touristy stuff and dragging our neighbor W along for friendship and protection, he’s been long-suffering. :)

    Hope you’re all well! A big hello to Sheila! Hope you, Kenny & the boy are well. ;)


March 16, 2014

  • And another thing….

    So, we’ve been busy trying to get back into the swing of things. Working at the market and school and gearing up for spring time on the farm. Unfortunately, as we were driving on Sat. from a bridal shower to a birthday party, about 2 hours apart, we broke down again. The truck started doing the same thing it did before. We are very blessed that God had us break down within 20 min or so of our destination and that Mr. C was able to come & help us. He arranged for a tow truck to take our truck to the local Dodge dealership here and I’ll be waiting for their call on Monday to determine what to do next.
    Prayers for wisdom and that whatever happens won’t be too expensive are appreciated.

    Tomorrow we are supposed to get snowy rain again, which means we’ll be freezing at the Market, except for the bathroom. Thanks to the radiant heaters that my neighbor W leant us. He’s a nice guy and we appreciate his kindness. God takes awesome care of us!

    Well, you’re up to date now. :) Sure hope ya’ll are having a great weekend, and look forward to another week. I’m reading the Bruised Reed by Richard Sibbes and will be reading the Rare Jewel Of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs again soon. Also reading selections from The Valley of Vision. Life is good.

    In Him we live and move and have our being. God bless you.

February 26, 2014

  • And…we’re home

    We got the truck back Mon. afternoon and returned home. We were back at the Farmers Market bright and early Tues. & Wed. and we’ll be baking our little hearts out tomorrow to get ready for Friday’s market. Thanking God we got home safe and for the blessing of the F family who took us in over the truck stuff.

    Hope you’re having a blessed week.

    In Him we live and move and have our being!

February 22, 2014

  • Beautiful here in the mountains

    It’s lovely here today. I took a walk around my hosts property, downhill was lovely, uphill was quite a trek. It’s a gorgeous day though, sunny and pleasant. Enjoyed hanging out looking at the mountains in the distance and the cows of the farm next door. The birds are talking like it’s spring and I’m already planning things that need to get done @ our farm.

    Hope you’re having a great day.


February 21, 2014

  • Update 5-ish

    So, talked with my cousin. We’ve decided to postpone the great trek to IN. After the truck is done, we’re gonna turn around and head back home. So this has been like a really sweet mini-vacation at a swell B&B. Life is totally crazy somedays, and God is always good.

    I think this is the first trip where we’ve sorta turned around and given up! Other than the first time we tried to find the E’s house in the Great Dismal Swamp….but that was just an hour trip.

    Hope ya’ll have a great weekend! We will.


  • Updatey Doodad #4

    Dealership called. It’s not my fault, honest! So, the socket board assembly for the rear tail light needs replacing so does the fuel injection system and the EGR valve; also the Front & Rear Differential and the Transfer case…..nice. all this shall be done, + an oil change, might as well throw that in! They will try to finish it all tomorrow, but more than likely it’ll be Monday before we can get back on the road. Whatevah! Enjoying the lovely that is the F’s in winter and then we’ll get on the road and be somewhere at some point, Lord willing, and when we do, we’ll let you know!


  • Update-y Doodad

    So, called the dealership. They did manage to hook up the new computer. They are running diagnostics and will call before close of business to let me know what they find. Another night at the Chez F B&B. Good fellowship, latte’s & food. Hoping this evening brings good news.


  • The Streak

    So, you knew about Dec.’12/Jan ’13, getting stuck in LA after vacation should’ve been over because we caught a wicked illness. And there was the trip to IN Jan ’12 in which we got the stomach ick and then broke down in WV, on our birthday, in the rain… ;) where we found an excellent mechanic in Beckley, who got us fixed and on the road in record time. Just this past Dec.’13 we were held over in LA again, this time the cause was a radiator break for which my brother half killed himself trying to find my mom a good deal on a newer used van. Which he did, thanks Big Brother!. Saying, “I’m going to go on a trip” has started everyone groaning “oh. no”.

    And here we are again.

    Years ago, we started a book for NANOWRIMO. It was very Douglas Adams-ish in tone. It was my mother and me collaborating after all. Several chapters have been discussed based on our travels. I wonder if we should just start a Disaster Travel Guide, Adventures in Adversity.

    It’s a thought at any rate. Well, beautiful view here at the F family’s home in Lexington. Rain today has been helping to melt the snow that is still here in pockets. Mountains in the distance look hazy and majestic. Love the view. I keep sitting near the windows so I can look out.

    Waiting to hear how progress on the truck is going. Sure hope it’s remedied quickly and without too much hassle.
    Well, off to visit a bit and hope for the phone to ring.
    Have a great day ya’ll.
    Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me, Bless His holy name!

February 20, 2014

  • At least One More Night in Lexington

    That’s the title for the next chapter in The Book. So, they had to order the part to repair the truck computer to be put in tomorrow am. After that they can ask the truck “what’s the matter?” in mechanic-speak. Hopefully it will be an aspirin deal and not an organ transplant. Prayers for not too much $$ are appreciated. Please pray there’s really nothing wrong also, perhaps its just the computer doodad. At any rate, enjoying the impromptu visit with friends, God is good indeed! I will praise Him with my whole heart in the assembly of the upright and in the congregation!

    Have a great evening,

February 19, 2014

  • And we’re stuck!

    Stuck in Lexington, thankfully with friends near by, God is awesome that way. In the mountains the truck decided to warning light me and so forth, so we got off at the nearest exit which said Goshen, but is nowhere near it. We passed a “town” called Little California which is nothing like, and ended up picking a sweet looking house to ask for help from total strangers. They were a very nice grandparent-y couple who gave us oil as we were quite low, and then recommended we go back to Lexington to their mechanic type guy. Mechanic type guy won’t touch it because the truck computer is on the fritz and so I have to go to the dealership to have them get it back online to make sure nothing else is wrong. Prayers for everything working out and for it to not cost me my first born, as I’m rather attached to her, are appreciated.

    Not highly surprised,